Six Sentence Sunday – Cotton Mouth

I felt awful that I messed up my Six Sunday post last week, so this time I’m double and triple-checking it to make sure it works! I think it has definitely made me paranoid about my posts. As if I wasn’t already!

Setup: Suzie just got into her first class at a new school and looks pretty ridiculous with a big glob of cotton in her mouth. Elizabeth is one of Kate’s drone friends who apparently thinks she’s the best thing in the world. Silly Suzie for not agreeing.

“What did you do?” It was weird to see her big smile aimed at her while her eyes stared at the phone screen.

“Nothing,” Suzie tried to say around the ball of cotton. Her attempt at speech only made her more amusing.

“I mean, Kate said she actually offered to be friends with you, and you turned her down. Pretty dumb move there.”

Having fun creating Suzie’s little world of characters, even though it’s making me realize how annoying school can be for a kid!

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Six Sentence Sunday – Peter and the Boat

Sorry all, looks like I didn’t save this properly late last night when I edited it. So it never left draft state -oops! Apologies to all who dropped by earlier!


So this week has been ridiculously busy at work, and has been eating into my writing/editing mental time. I’ve been making progress on this second pass through the novel Suzie’s Nightmare, but I’m adding in a few new characters. One of which I hadn’t realized I needed until I was plotting out the second book. Then I realized she’d be useful in this one too – I wonder how many authors realize that after the first novel’s been packaged and sent along its merry way? By then it’s really too late to make any changes without issuing a new edition. But that really only works well for textbooks, not fiction that I’ve seen. I think Stephen King’s The Gunslinger is the only fiction book I can recall that’s had actual changes made in the new addition. I think I’ve got an original copy, cause I don’t remember the updates that are mentioned in that Wikipedia article.

Anyway, on to the snippet for today! It’s from the prologue for Suzie’s Nightmare.

Setup: Really no setup needed since this is only the Prologue. Well it might help if you knew that this was Abe (later a main character), with his friend Joseph setting up a boat for a fishing trip. And his son Peter is the boy they’re referring to.

On Abe’s third beer Joseph joined him finally and together they took a nice, relaxing drink in silence, simply enjoying the silence of the trees and the heat of the sun above.

“You know he’s not coming back,” Joseph sighed, turning his red face to Abe.

“I know it. The child’s so scared of that water it’s amazing he ever was able to take a bath in his life. He’s just lucky we don’t live on an ocean out here.” He stood up, stretching and letting out a deep belch, before eying Joseph’s work.

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Six Sentence Sunday – My Life as a Dead Man

I have no clue if this is something that is allowed by Six Sentence Sunday or not, but I decided to include a snippet of one of the Harry Potter fanfiction pieces I finished up this week. I’ve been working on it quite a bit so far, so I wanted to share a snippet! This piece is for the LJ Big Bang: Zombie Bang so it won’t be viewable until that community goes live with posts.

Setup: Regulus is at the bottom of a watery pit full of inferi, now being an inferi himself. He’s talking about how much fun it is to be dead here and what he has to look forward to.

Of course my kin and I are not really dead, not in the traditional sense at least. All of us are kind of trapped down here, like a prison block except without the ability to walk in circles or spit in the guards’ faces. We can’t even look at each other much, though occasionally someone’s body will land face-down, and then it’s “Sorry but it looks like I’ll be staring at your rotting crotch for the next decade or so.” It’s not exactly the best way to make friends.

The funny part, the big kicker out of this entire scenario, is that unlike most of these dead slobs in here I know what we are. And I probably could have gotten rid of it if I had known, and had been prepared for the numbers my house elf and I would face.

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Six Sentence Sunday – Suzie’s Nightmare – Chapter 1

Here’s a snippet from my novel I’m working on rewrites for at the moment. Hoping to have it ready to start sending around in the next couple of months.

Setup: Suzie and Fred are a couple of kids who stumbled upon a very unusual scene in the woods of their subdivision. Little do they know this is just the beginning of the horrors they’ll find as the mystery unravels.

The blood didn’t just stop at the ground level either, and in fact went up the sides of several trees in the clearing. Much farther up in fact, so that the victim must have been off the ground when it was attacked.

“There’s so much of it,” Suzie whispered, hating how loud her voice sounded out here.

Fred’s voice was hushed as though he was thinking aloud. “It must have been pretty big to have had so much. But how did it get so high?”

This is a pretty dark YA piece that I’ve been working on for the past year. What can I say? My first novel needs a bunch of edits before I’ll be comfortable testing the waters. I’m still on the fence as to whether it’s too dark to be considered YA though. It’s a blurry category, so I’m torn with it.

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Six Sentence Sunday – Against Our Better Judgment

Hello again! I’ll be heading out on vacation this weekend, so I wanted to get this drafted up and scheduled early.Other than preparing for a much-needed vacation, mostly I’ve been working on edits for my Lucius Big Bang submission. Not quite sure if fanfiction work is accepted for Six Sentence Sunday, so I’m sticking with my original work. 😉

Here’s a snippet from a piece that’s set to appear in Wicked East Press’ Under the Stairs anthology in a few months. Don’t worry, as soon as I hear any updates on the release date, I’ll be posting them here, my LJ account, and Twitter… all the usual spots.

Setup: Terry the resident werewolf got into a fight with vampire Rutger over turf issues. Then wouldn’t you know it? A Hunter party comes in to ruin their “fun”, and Terry takes a bullet.

“So what do you think, Vamp?” Terry asked, “You still glad you saved me?”

Rutger glared at him, “Keep it up and I may start regretting it, idiot mutt. I think I can remove it. I’m pretty sure I lost them, but I’m not sure how wide out their posse is positioned. You’ll have to stay as quiet as possible.”

I wrote this piece over a year ago, and only then discovered how difficult the short story market was with vampires and werewolves. I even vented about it in a post. So it’s really great to see that it will finally be published soon! I’d almost given up on it.

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