Six Sentence Sunday – My Life as a Dead Man

I have no clue if this is something that is allowed by Six Sentence Sunday or not, but I decided to include a snippet of one of the Harry Potter fanfiction pieces I finished up this week. I’ve been working on it quite a bit so far, so I wanted to share a snippet! This piece is for the LJ Big Bang: Zombie Bang so it won’t be viewable until that community goes live with posts.

Setup: Regulus is at the bottom of a watery pit full of inferi, now being an inferi himself. He’s talking about how much fun it is to be dead here and what he has to look forward to.

Of course my kin and I are not really dead, not in the traditional sense at least. All of us are kind of trapped down here, like a prison block except without the ability to walk in circles or spit in the guards’ faces. We can’t even look at each other much, though occasionally someone’s body will land face-down, and then it’s “Sorry but it looks like I’ll be staring at your rotting crotch for the next decade or so.” It’s not exactly the best way to make friends.

The funny part, the big kicker out of this entire scenario, is that unlike most of these dead slobs in here I know what we are. And I probably could have gotten rid of it if I had known, and had been prepared for the numbers my house elf and I would face.

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    • Thanks Cheryl! Glad you liked it. Good to know I wasn’t the only one submitting fan fiction too!

      I’ll be happy once I can see it posted up at the Big Bang come October. =)

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