Protector of Dreams

Catstruck! A Charity Anthology

“Perhaps one reason we are fascinated by cats is because such a small animal can contain so much independence, dignity, and freedom of spirit.” Lloyd Alexander

Delve into the world of all things feline in this anthology of tales of whimsy, courage and wonder.

All proceeds will go to Tenth Life Cat Rescue a wonderful shelter that saves stray cats and kittens in the St. Louis area, prioritizing those with special needs.

Protector of Dreams

Long before the events of the Stolen series, Mawr wants to learn more about the curious new Living Statue that was built in Aife. Only her title and purpose are more frightening than he imagined they would be.

My story was chosen by the editor Debbie Manber Kupfer to be read at an event recently! Check out the full reading below. She is the first reader.