Six Sentence Sunday – Peter and the Boat

Sorry all, looks like I didn’t save this properly late last night when I edited it. So it never left draft state -oops! Apologies to all who dropped by earlier!


So this week has been ridiculously busy at work, and has been eating into my writing/editing mental time. I’ve been making progress on this second pass through the novel Suzie’s Nightmare, but I’m adding in a few new characters. One of which I hadn’t realized I needed until I was plotting out the second book. Then I realized she’d be useful in this one too – I wonder how many authors realize that after the first novel’s been packaged and sent along its merry way? By then it’s really too late to make any changes without issuing a new edition. But that really only works well for textbooks, not fiction that I’ve seen. I think Stephen King’s The Gunslinger is the only fiction book I can recall that’s had actual changes made in the new addition. I think I’ve got an original copy, cause I don’t remember the updates that are mentioned in that Wikipedia article.

Anyway, on to the snippet for today! It’s from the prologue for Suzie’s Nightmare.

Setup: Really no setup needed since this is only the Prologue. Well it might help if you knew that this was Abe (later a main character), with his friend Joseph setting up a boat for a fishing trip. And his son Peter is the boy they’re referring to.

On Abe’s third beer Joseph joined him finally and together they took a nice, relaxing drink in silence, simply enjoying the silence of the trees and the heat of the sun above.

“You know he’s not coming back,” Joseph sighed, turning his red face to Abe.

“I know it. The child’s so scared of that water it’s amazing he ever was able to take a bath in his life. He’s just lucky we don’t live on an ocean out here.” He stood up, stretching and letting out a deep belch, before eying Joseph’s work.

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