The Silver Whistle

The Darkest Lullaby is an anthology full of suspense and horror. You’ll not want to miss this heart-pounding collection if you loved Survive the Night by Riley Sager, works by Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Joe Hill, or American Horror Story.

Six authors come together to bring to life thrilling and heart-pounding horror stories of nannies and their wards, creating something unsettling that will haunt the reader long after they’ve finished reading!

A governess is plagued by nightmares of her own death each night—but are they mere dreams? Atrocities of the past collide with the future for a nighttime nanny. Secrets surrounding a castle are murderous for a caregiver. A failed witch’s apprentice must take up her late aunt’s babysitting shift at a terrifying house. For one babysitter, discovering the truth about a local house, and her ward, comes with a hefty price. An unsuspecting young woman gets more than she bargained for when she takes on a nannying job… for a doll.

Your new favorite hair-raising thrill awaits.

Praise for The Darkest Lullaby:

“It is not every day you come across stories that have been marinated in suspense, cooked in gore, and finished up in an intriguing fashion that creates a horror story. This is an art form that comes naturally to its wielder. It feeds on the mastery of its source until a classic is created. When six truly talented individuals come together to create an anthology of some of the most frightening stories to grace paper then you know you are in for a treat. The Darkest Lullaby: A Dark Nanny Anthology is one such book as Elle Beaumont, Cathya De Becerra, Jessica Cranberry, Marlena Frank, C. Vonzale Lewis, and D.M. Siciliano bring to life a nanny’s worst nightmares.

The Darkest Lullaby cannot be any more descriptive than its title. With storylines that will make your hair stand on end Elle Beaumont, Cathya De Becerra, Jessica Cranberry, Marlena Frank, C. Vonzale Lewis, and D.M. Siciliano combine their talents beautifully to treat the reader to a master class on the art of the scare. From nannies reliving lifetimes to a doll that is not exactly a doll, the tempo remains steady and the suspense heightened. The characters in all the stories are well-crafted and have an impressive level of emotional depth to them. The conversations do not make it obvious which direction each story will take which adds to the mystery. The notable aspect of this collection is the way each author takes the ordinary and pushes it to the edge of reason in such a manner that will make the reader question the very essence of logic when attempting to solve these puzzles. The Darkest Lullaby is a horror masterpiece in its purest form.”
– Essien Asian for Readers’ Favorite

The Silver Whistle

My short story, “The Silver Whistle”, is also included in this anthology.

Releases October 25, 2023