Six Sentence Sunday – Against Our Better Judgment

Hello again! I’ll be heading out on vacation this weekend, so I wanted to get this drafted up and scheduled early.Other than preparing for a much-needed vacation, mostly I’ve been working on edits for my Lucius Big Bang submission. Not quite sure if fanfiction work is accepted for Six Sentence Sunday, so I’m sticking with my original work. 😉

Here’s a snippet from a piece that’s set to appear in Wicked East Press’ Under the Stairs anthology in a few months. Don’t worry, as soon as I hear any updates on the release date, I’ll be posting them here, my LJ account, and Twitter… all the usual spots.

Setup: Terry the resident werewolf got into a fight with vampire Rutger over turf issues. Then wouldn’t you know it? A Hunter party comes in to ruin their “fun”, and Terry takes a bullet.

“So what do you think, Vamp?” Terry asked, “You still glad you saved me?”

Rutger glared at him, “Keep it up and I may start regretting it, idiot mutt. I think I can remove it. I’m pretty sure I lost them, but I’m not sure how wide out their posse is positioned. You’ll have to stay as quiet as possible.”

I wrote this piece over a year ago, and only then discovered how difficult the short story market was with vampires and werewolves. I even vented about it in a post. So it’s really great to see that it will finally be published soon! I’d almost given up on it.

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4 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday – Against Our Better Judgment

    • Thanks Lindsay! I admit that I did consider just tossing it aside and not submitting it for a while, but I really do love it. So I just kept at it.

      It’s good to know that perseverance sometimes really does pay off!

    • Even mild banter between characters is better than bland dialogue. And I had a lot of fun with their dialogue together. Terry is a character whose personality I’m slowly building, and he turns out to be a main character in one of the novels I’m working on.

      Thanks, Jennifer! I was glad to find a market for it as well! Here’s hoping folks love the storyline as much as I do!

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