Six Sentence Sunday – Beautiful Catharine

So I’m trying out this Six Sentence Sunday business, which seems like not only a great way to give folks snippets of what you’re working on, but also to keep me motivated as well. If I don’t have something to post for the Six Sentence Sunday, then that means I’m falling off the writing wagon. 😉

Here’s a little snippet of the fairy tale I finished up this week. It still needs some editing before I begin shopping it around, but after sitting in my writing folder for the past 3-4 months, I finally wiped the dust off and finished it.

Setup: Catharine lives in the woods as a lone hunter, Telis wandered up from the village below.

Telis was trembling, “There are many who fear you, lady. Many who say you lure men to their deaths in these woods.”

Catharine laughed outright at that, “Lure men to their deaths? I dare say they come hunting my death, and I am forced to defend myself. You are indeed the first to actually speak to me as though I am human and not some beast of the woods.”

He seemed surprised, “You are human then?”

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