Drabble: The Ring Finger

It came skulking to the window late one night, a creature unlike any that I have seen. It was too large to be a dog, too hairy to be a wolf, and yet it crouched in a most human manner. It dragged its black claws down the length of the window, sending a shiver down my spine. We stared at each other for several moments while the wind outside beat against the walls of the house.It stood on its hind legs and with a howl that no creature ought to be able to make, it pushed that window down as though it was tissue paper. I stood up then, stumbling over my chair in my haste and wishing my cell phone was charged. I rushed to the hall, slammed the door behind me, and pressed an ear to the door.Silence. Was I mad? Had I imagined the creature that had smashed its way into my study? Minutes passed before I built up the courage to open that door, wincing as it creaked on its hinges; I hadn’t opened it an inch before the beast’s claws came through. It tore down the door with its eyes boring into mine. They were human eyes, familiar eyes.

“My God…” I grunted as the beast pushed me up against the wall. “Anna, is that you?”

It grimaced at me with pointed teeth, perhaps its own cruel smile. It glanced at my ring finger, barren of the wedding ring now that we were divorced, then snarled with renewed hatred.

“Honey…” I whispered. “Baby, please?”

Of all my ex-wives, Anna was the last I would have expected to kill me. I tried to laugh as she sank her fangs into my throat, but she wouldn’t even allow that luxury.

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