Day 1 of NaNo

So far so good. I just squeezed in my final bit of writing for the day, though I suppose I did do a bit over. Whenever I first start out NaNo I always feel so very behind the first week or so. I like to have a nice buffer word count in my belt before I start really feeling comfortable. On top of that, when I haven’t written anything in a while, it takes a bit for me to find my pace, my voice, and my story. The characters have a few more hard edges than I would like, and the dialogue is pretty spotty, but the idea is sound. Just getting the idea down on (proverbial) paper helps get through it though.

Writing after a dry spell reminds me of nursing a papercut. When you first put that cotton swab of alcohol on it hurts like hell, but after a while the pain subsides and the wound gets better. No pain, no gain they always say.

One thing I bet my followers didn’t miss about NaNo were my late-night sleepy rants. Everything ends up kind of stream of consciousness and patchy. Don’t worry, folks, there’s a whole month of this to come! 😛

Project: Smoke and Witchcraft

Summary: In the back alleys of New Orleans, strange witchcraft is afoot. Wives, daughters, and sisters are disappearing at alarming rates, and while it’s not unheard of for women to disappear in The Big Easy, something supernatural is at work. Werewolf investigator Colton Fen and his roguish, half-vampire partner Rennick are on the case with the help of the sharpshooter spitfire from out west, Mary Silvas. The investigation will lead them down a dangerous road through the underbelly of New Orleans and into the treacherous bayous of Louisiana.

Current Total Words: 2,364

New Words Written: 2,364

Progress: Werewolves apparently do not do well on trains, and we get introduced to a swanky pipe-wielding hunter as well. Like I said, a slow start, but it’s still a start! Oh, and Rennick gets in trouble because he doesn’t know when to stop being a douche. Big surprise there.

Total Words for 2012: 115,377 (Probably more than this, but oh well.)

2 thoughts on “Day 1 of NaNo

  1. Thanks Larry! Hey I can use all the cheerleading I can get! I did Camp NaNo in June but dropped out in August, and I didn’t get through last November either. Much appreciated!

    Maybe you could try one of the Camp NaNos instead since November is such a bad month for you? My sister had the same problem too, but she enjoyed Camp NaNo quite a bit.

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