Playing catch up

Watched Alien again last night, which was really fun. It’s so much more tense than Prometheus was for me, and even with the opening credits you get tense from the music and visuals alone. We watched Insidious after that (I know, impromptu horror movie night!) which was as amusing as it was scary, which actually was pretty fun. I’m not used to switching from laughing to terrified in less than a minute, but the movie pulled it off pretty well. You were never sure if it was taking itself seriously or not, which somehow worked just fine. It’s up for streaming on Netflix so if you haven’t seen it, you probably want to check it out.

Wow I somehow got two days behind with my Camp NaNo word count, oops! So my writing goal today was 3,000 words, which I ended getting way over, which makes me pleased. Lots of great plot points happened here, with Terry realizing what kind of person he was (a real shocker for him) and the introduction of a mysterious man in armor. He knows more than the regular folks do, so there is going to be a lot of explanation going on in the next few chapters. I’m excited and nervous about that at the same time. I get to pull back the curtain and show the audience the workings of this madness, which I hope is going to have all the gears turning properly with all the parts well oiled.

On to word metrics!

Project: Secrets of Leekston

Summary: Leekston is an unassumingly quiet southern town, but it hides many secrets. An unusual government entity studies the supernatural activity in the area, but for what purpose? A crazy scientist runs a research lab of particular patients, and his daughter may pay the price for the people he’s maimed. Six years after the incident at the Kayak Hills subdivision, sixteen year-old Suzie Daper once again must protect her family, this time from a bloodthirsty werewolf pack bent on destroying anyone standing in the way of their vengeance.

Current total words: 76,605
New words written:4,010

Total Words for 2012: 89,606

Progress in Novel: The trio finds out some background information on some prominent members of the pack. Terry gets a real wake-up call and then there’s a total shift of priorities. Nothing like having your life in danger to make you sit up and work through your self-loathing, right?

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