New perspective this late in the game?

Another quick update. Some of the dialogue today was very difficult to get down properly, but with a bit of determination and a lot of forced writing, I finally got through it. Now I’m back into a much more enjoyable element with spooky atmospheres and investigations. So much of this book reminds me of a murder mystery. I like to think of it as a serious, darker Scooby Doo with more gore and a lot more supernatural twists.

Then again, it doesn’t have that much in common with Scooby Doo… Hrm.

So far I’m keeping up with Camp NaNo too! I’ve taken tomorrow and Monday off from work (Yay!) just to take a short break for a bit. There’s been a lot of stress the past month or two, and I wanted some time to chill. I was hoping to take a leap ahead in my word count, but then the Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend got posted for this weekend. I mean, I’m happy cause I’m *really* looking forward to that game, but I’ll have to make sure my word count doesn’t suffer. Don’t be surprised if I start posting links to game play videos or screenshots in the next few days. I plan to record more stuff this time around.

Project: Secrets of Leekston

Summary: Leekston is an unassumingly quiet southern town, but it hides many secrets. An unusual government entity studies the supernatural activity in the area, but for what purpose? A crazy scientist runs a research lab of particular patients, and his daughter may pay the price for the people he’s maimed. Six years after the incident at the Kayak Hills subdivision, sixteen year-old Suzie Daper once again must protect her family, this time from a bloodthirsty werewolf pack bent on destroying anyone standing in the way of their vengeance.

Current total words: 63474
New words written: 2,227

Progress in Story: Like I said, I’m loving the eerie environment descriptions in this piece. I’m also enjoying the interaction between these three main characters, though I’ve considered going back and getting into a fourth character’s head during breaks within the main plot. My sister has been reading a bunch of Game of Thrones lately, and I’m torn about giving a more complete plot with switching to a new character, and keeping the consistency and mystery of the storyline. In the end it’s not absolutely necessary to know what’s going on in the other thread, but it might be very entertaining. Considering I’m already over 60k though, it might be difficult to pull off. I may just write the other side and if it ends up in the final novel, great. If not, then at least I have a fleshed out concurrent view of what’s happening across the battle line.

Total Words for 2012: 76,475

2 thoughts on “New perspective this late in the game?

    • I wouldn’t say I write that much *consistently*, but when I sit down to write, I do aim for around 2k words. I think it’s a good habit to get into and many writers who write professionally (Cherie Priest, Stephen King, etc.) usually aim for around that much. Since I hope to do that myself one day, that’s what I aim for too.

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