Accusations, Free Short Story, & Cover Reveal

I have to admit, that after a busy couple of weeks during the holiday season and finally this equally busy weekend, it’s nice to get some decent writing time in. It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? I think the last writing update I had was November 28th, which really tells you how busy I got there with work and family after NaNo. I plan on doing a post in a couple of days about my overall wordcount for 2011 – a total of 137,158 – I’m quite proud of it, even if I only won one out of the two NaNo’s I participated in.

On the fanfiction side, I have quite a few pieces I need to post around, probably over at Archive of Our Own and, so if you follow those places expect some new stuff posted soon. I’ve signed up once again for Part 2 of the Werewolf Big Bang over on Livejournal. If you’ve never participated in a big bang before, it’s great practice for writing longer pieces, which I’m trying to get better with since I’ve started self-publishing some pieces.

Yes, Clawbinder is now free to download on most of the eBook stores you can find. Amazon is still being darn slow in recognizing that it should be a free eBook, but if you have a Kindle you can easily download a copy on Smashwords. The short story is already free online, but the eBook version contains a preview for my western novelette that should soon be released. If you do get a copy, please leave a review as well!


Saira has been trained from birth for this: to battle one of the Great Ones and retrieve that precious prize. But Rajani is old and clever, and like the Great Rocs before her, she is wise to the ways of thieves. A fantasy short story.

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Night Feeders

In the old dusty town of Clarkville, the ruthless Sherriff Ritters keeps a tight hold on the townsfolk. They fear him not because of his followers, but because of the supernatural jewel he wears around his neck, and the creatures he keeps. When a stranger comes looking for one of the victims, he finds that Ritters is far more dangerous than he imagined.

Coming Soon!

Finally got to bring two parts of the storyline together in a meeting that’s far more awkward than I had imagined it would be when I decided to put this trio together. It is a pretty stressful situation though for all characters involved, so I can’t say I’m very surprised. I’ve been itching to get some writing in on this piece, so being able to make some progress really makes me pleased!

Summary: Leekston is an unassumingly quiet southern town, but it hides many secrets. An unusual government entity that studies the strange supernatural activity in the area is only one of many. Six years after the incident at the Kayak Hills subdivision, Suzie once again must protect her family from the creatures of the night and help to prevent a tense situation from taking more lives.

Project: The Secrets of Leekston (Working)
Deadline: April 2012 (Updated Deadline)
New words written: 1,162
Present total word count: 53,392

Total Word Count for 2012: 1,162

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