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Apparently this news got posted over at Pink Narcissus Press’ Facebook site while I was swamped with work earlier this week. Somehow I overlooked it.

Fiction Review: Rapunzel’s Daughters: And here’s what PNP had to say: “Apparently the odds of having PW (one of the largest and most respected book publications) review a book by a small press is about 1 in 40. Looks like our book just beat the odds.”

I am thrilled that a book I was fortunate enough to get published in got such a good review from a place like Publisher’s Weekly. I have to say congrats to all the authors and artists that got a special mention!

Independent Publisher Online Magazine: Promoting Books, Authors and the Independent Movement: No review here, but it did get a special listing as an Editor’s Pick and was chosen as a “Highlighted Title”. I know I’m in the same boat with all the other contributors: excitement!

Hopefully I’ll have more information on ordering a copy soon. The official release information:
July 2011
Price: $16.95
Available July 2011

Balloons at the SF Ferry Building

Clipped from “Balloons at the SF Ferry Building” by kowitz

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  1. Hi Lena, just ran across your blog today. Congratulations on having a story in Rapunzel’s Daughters! I’ve got one there too, and will look forward to seeing yours as well as mine 😉

    • Thanks James! Definitely looking forward to it coming out in a month or so. Feels like it’s been a while since I submitted it, but I’m sure impressed by the beautiful artwork that’s being done for the stories. Can’t wait to read your story too! I guess we’ll both just have to be patient. 🙂

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