Undertow: A Short Story

Undertow was inspired by an anthology call about great ocean monsters. Even though the anthology was filled before I was even able to write the story (it was a popular call!), I still found that the story itself wouldn’t leave me alone. So I thought I would squeeze in one last release for the year!

I love that self publishing has given me the ability to come up with a story idea, write it, edit it, edit it some more, and then get a cover done and have it turned around ready to release in a matter of weeks. This has completely changed how I look at my writing, and I’m grateful for it!

If you’ve ever been on the ocean and looked out at the dark seas with a cold wind in your hair and wondered what could be hiding beneath the surface, then this story is for you. I have always been fascinated by the ocean, and this story let me explore that love.

Features sea creatures, cold ocean waves, cheap bathrobes, and some very weird monsters, Undertow: A Short Story is now available to pre-order. Release day is December 15th.


June has always been in motion. She’s never satisfied with a place for long, so she’s always moving and never content. Even her love life is a maelstrom, leaving behind a long list of lovers. After years of searching for a sense of belonging, she is drawn to the ocean waters near Leekston. She convinces Jeremy, a wealthy young playboy with a yacht, to take her out to the cold open waters.

She hopes to find answers, but Jeremy expects compensation for his trip and something watches in the deep waters. They are not alone.

Splashes onto bookshelves December 15th.

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