Drabble: Bigger than You

Prompt: Bigger than You

She’s bigger than you and definitely built. She wields a sword that could skewer you vertically and not reach the hilt. Her reach is incredible. All you have is a set of daggers, little good when you’re rolling to keep your head attached to your shoulders.

You duck down just in time as the greatsword whistles over your head. You’re pretty sure you lost a few hairs in that move, but at least you’re alive. You can’t keep up at this pace. She’s not even breathing hard and here you are performing acrobatic feats. You need space to move. You need distance to think.

You spin on your heel and sprint for the door, slamming through the cold metal and running to the opposite end of the yard. Fencing topped with barbed wire greet you on all sides. A defeated whimper pulls at your throat.

“You can’t escape me,” she calls with a laugh, her powerful form emerging from the doorway. She rests the flat end of her blade against her shoulder and smiles. You’re the captured mouse here, not her. You’re the one who’s trapped on a butcher’s block.

That doesn’t mean you give up.

You laugh and show a cocky grin. “You have to catch me first.”

She barks a laugh and readies her blade, her muscled legs making little work of the distance. You have to think, while you still have a head, while a steamroller is barreling towards you.

Out of pure instinct more than intelligence, you spin your dagger in the air, catch the blade between your fingertips and chuck it at her. Her wild eyes get huge as the blade plunges into her forehead. She collapses with the outrage of a beast. You stand panting between nervous laughter.

“You gotta be quicker than that!”

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