Drabble: Selling your soul

Prompt: Someone wants to give away their soul for something. Satan tries to talk them out of it.

“Look, your soul isn’t worth that much.” Lucifer said as his fingers glided over the piano keys.

“Come on,” she smiled. “If you really are who you say, nothing should be out of your reach.”

Lucifer frowned, “Don’t try that game with me. It’s insulting.”

“It’s one phone call. How bad could it be?”

“You don’t know him like I do. He’s always been a sore loser, and it’s always bad when we fight. Besides, aren’t you concerned about what I’ll do with your soul when you die?”

She shrugged, “Honestly I’ve never been really attached to it, and you’re trying to change the subject. I’m giving you one pristine, undamaged soul for a measly little phone call. What will people think if you turn that down?”

“Alright, fine.” Lucifer sighed. He ended his playing and shook hands, then he pulled her in close, “If I regret this, just know that you’ll be stuck with me. Eternity is a very long time.”

“Totally worth it,” she smiled. “I’m waiting by the way. You can’t just agree then back out.”

He gave her a long-suffering stare before pulling out his cell phone. The contact was in his favorites.

“It’s me. Look, you won’t believe what this woman sold her soul for. She thinks she and I can beat you in a game of hoops. What? No, basketball. Don’t be dense, you know the game. Are you up for it?” He laughed. “Only if you’re sure.” He glanced at her and grinned. “Alright, this Saturday then.”

“So he agreed to it?”

“Oh yes, he loved the idea. But he did make a slight change to our contract. He and I will be teaming up against you,” Lucifer smiled.

“What? He can’t do that!”

“Of course he can. He’s God.”


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