Mini Council of Doom?

Just a quick post this afternoon. After being sick last weekend I ended up being so slothfully behind that I ended up spending most of the day today playing catchup. Amazing how it only takes a day or two of non-writing to get you skewered.

Project: Smoke & Witchcraft

Summary: My trio of protagonists (a werewolf, a half-vampire, and a sharpshooter) head to New Orleans to investigate a series of unexplained abductions. So far this pulpy paranormal will have plenty of banter, a slew of fistfights, undercover operations that fail miserably, battles of magic, a necromancer seductress, a coven of witches with a bad rap, and a ton of zombie alligators. Also I plan to toss the damsel in distress idea on its head since both guys will likely need saving. Oh, and did I mention awkward romance?

Current Word Count: 27,206

New Words Written: 4,811 (Today), 16,972 (Since last post… oops!)

Progress: Lots of plot progress made today. Big, epic action scene with the protagonists running away in order to get to safety. They’re way out of their league here and it led to one character actually having a bit of a breakdown in the aftermath. Also had a fun scene with my two villains finally meeting and putting their ideas on the table. This was a fun scene to write, especially since the big villain really hadn’t been seen yet.

Total Words for 2012: 140,219

Okay have to hop offline now. Off to get ready for a friend’s birthday party. 🙂

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