Camp NaNo Complete!

Time for a celebration! I just finished up my Camp NaNo word count! At the beginning of this month I had two book WIPs that needed much attention, and now I’ve finished one book, almost finished the other book, finished a short story, and started another short story in the process. What can I say, I need writing distractions sometimes when I’m doing a NaNo?

I would go out and get a drink to celebrate, but I was already celebrating earlier today. My sister and her boyfriend of over five years went to the Magistrate Court today and made it official. Parents and siblings on both sides were there, cheering them on the whole time even when my excited sister stumbled over her wedding vows… twice. 🙂 It was beautiful though, and I couldn’t be prouder for them. We’re having the big wedding bash next year (on the same date of course), and although I’m not the maid of honor, you can bet I’ll be a wedding planning fool come this time next year. I’ve only ever been to one wedding in my life, so the experience should be… interesting.

On another note, I’m not sure what I’ll be posting about up here now that Camp NaNo is over with. Maybe I’ll finally post those pictures from the progress we made on our back yard weeks ago. Complete with the numerous Tarzan vines. 🙂

Word metrics!

Project: Secrets of Leekston

Summary: Leekston is an unassumingly quiet southern town, but it hides many secrets. An unusual government entity studies the supernatural activity in the area, but for what purpose? A crazy scientist runs a research lab of particular patients, and his daughter may pay the price for the people he’s maimed. Six years after the incident at the Kayak Hills subdivision, sixteen year-old Suzie Daper once again must protect her family, this time from a bloodthirsty werewolf pack bent on destroying anyone standing in the way of their vengeance.

Current total words: 98,930
New words written: 6,339

Progress in Novel: As you can probably guess, all this progress wasn’t made in a day. This has been over the past few days, I just never really had enough to make a decent jump in my Camp NaNo stats until today, hence the delayed update. The story isn’t quite over yet, but probably will weigh in under 110k I imagine. I’m going through and writing the other perspective of a battle scene I wrote originally. The two strands of storyline will collide, but I want to make sure I have a firm grasp on what led up to the final meeting before I tackle that bit.


Project: New in Town Themed entry for Batfic Contest

Summary: Harvey wakes after his fall to find himself in the care of a red-haired woman with a penchant for plants. She seems nice enough at first, but once Harvey realizes she has more than his best interests in mind he begins to panic. When she mentions they have a dinner date with a few friends, Harvey knows this can only end poorly.

Current Total Words:1,082


Total Words for 2012: 113,013

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