Oh ew, are those… spiders?

Another good chunk of writing in! Seems like I’m getting all my productivity milestones in before Camp NaNo even gets started. I can’t complain though. If I can find a way to finish this piece and maybe my other WIP, I’ll be one happy writer. Did this over lunch and then had a few hundred words to get in this evening, which turned into over a thousand hehe. I end up getting into scenes and forget to break for air occasionally.

By the way, caffeine withdrawal is sooo annoying. I guess I kind of indulge my caffeine intake over the weekend so when the work week comes around, and I’m back to herbal tea, water, and soy milk, headaches start returning. I sometimes mistake it for allergies, but this time I’m 90% certain it’s caffeine withdrawal. Still plan on staying clear of it though. Something about working out and trying to be healthy followed by massive caffeine intake just never sits well with me. I guess it’s kind of heresy to be a writer AND a programmer and attempt to steer clear of caffeine though, right?

Moving into the final confrontation, but I’m in no rush. The climax will happen when we get to it, and in the meantime I’m having a fabulous time with the character complexities. Nothing like rubbing your protagonist’s nose into his woes before a major battle, right? What was it I recently read in Hooked?

“Basically, get your protagonist in a miserable place and then make it worse. Get the character up a tree (in trouble) and throw rocks (obstacles) at him. Don’t let him off the hook for a second.”

I think I’ve been taking this advice to heart with this story, much to the annoyance of Colton. He’s been in many trees and survived a slew of rocks, and the book hasn’t even gotten to the worst part.

Project: Ghosts of Pikes Peak

Summary: The old, abandoned Davis Farm just outside the bustling city of Pikes Peak is riddled with malicious spirits. Werewolf detective Colton Fen has been assigned to a half-vampire partner, Rennick Dalton, to handle the troublesome ghosts, but even their combined strength may not be enough to dissuade the poltergeists from plucking victims from the outskirts of town. Is this a simple case of ghost infestation or is there something far more malicious going on beneath the farmhouse?

Current total words: 45,467
New words written: 2,559

Progress in Story: Preparations are made, an amusing trip across town, followed by a disturbing discovery. Then it’s down to Goblin Town.

Total Words for 2012: 57,990


“I – I don’t remember these being here when I helped you get dressed.”Mary smiled, arching an eyebrow, “Sounds like you two were using this as your vacation spot. Got to say you could’ve chosen a better place.” She side-stepped a large black spider that was hanging directly in front of her. Colton was amazed she wasn’t shrieking in horror. He thought about saying so, but then thought better of it. Words like that might go to her head.

“You were pretty out of it, kid. I was surprised you had the energy to find a costume for me,” he emphasized the words for clarity. “Don’t start telling lies about me now.”

Rennick nearly walked chin-first into the spider that Mary avoided, and gave a meek little gasp before moving around it. “You know, maybe being outside wasn’t so bad after all.”

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