Werewolf Packs and Loud-Mouthed Vampires

It’s funny how when you get on a roll with writing, it’s painful to stop. Regardless of how much you love writing on your story, life always is going to demand attention. Work, food, working out, even *gasp* socialization time with friends & family, all of these things are definitely healthy distractions for writing. Necessary distractions even. Whenever I get the urge to write like this though, it’s hard to remind myself of that.

Last night I watched an 80s horror movie and had dinner with friends. Today at lunch, I went out with coworkers I hadn’t seen in quite some time and had fun. Both of these were fun and really helped me destress. I wouldn’t trade my friends or family for anything. At the same time though, I felt itchy. I wanted to write. I wanted to work on my characters who were still chattering away in my mind, thinking up storylines and amusing dialogue. Going cold turkey from writing when you’ve been doing it straight for several days can feel like trying to give up an addiction. A mild addiction sure, but still. The scientist in me wonders what kind of chemicals get released during a productive writing session, and why it might bring about good feelings. I definitely feel that getting encouragement from all my friends online helps too. It’s great to be getting ready for work in the morning and see who all liked or commented on my posts. To see who is following the storyline and finds it interesting enough to stop by. I guess in a roundabout way this is a thank you to my followers for bearing with me while I go on an impromtu western horror writing spree. 🙂

On to today’s writing though! It can be tedious to post each day after I’m done writing, but it keeps me motivated and keeps me on track.

Plot-wise, Colton doesn’t deal with the aftermath of the stream ambush very well, and I’ve included a bit of dialogue below from Rennick on the subject. Both of these guys have major issues, so it’s interesting to see how they’re forced to confront them and deal with them during this seemingly simple mission.

Today’s Updates:

Project: Ghosts of Pikes Peak – Working sequel for Night Feeders.

Summary: An old abandoned shack just outside the bustling city of Pikes Peak is riddled with malicious spirits. Werewolf detective Colton Fen has been assigned to a half-vampire partner, Rennick Dalton, to handle the troublesome ghosts, but even their combined strength may not be enough to dissuade the poltergeists from plucking victims from the outskirts of town. On top of that, there may be far more dangerous creatures lurking within the caverns outside the city.

Current total words: 17,519
New words written: 2,444

Total Words for 2012: 27,100

Snippet: Rennick speculates on werewolves as a whole, and perhaps hits too close to home for Colton.

The blond lowered himself down beside him, pulling off his hood now that he was in the safety of the shade. “I’ve come to a conclusion about your kind. In the end, you are divided into two camps.” He held out his hands to illustrate, “The ones who adore killing usually end up in the packs, mindlessly killing anything and anyone that gets in their way. They become highly territorial and lose any desire to communicate outside of the occasional grunt and growl. Then there’s your group. Wolves who are preferred by the agency because they despise what they are and choose to fight their natural responses. They can be trusted to a certain extent around humans, but rub their fur the wrong way, so to speak, and they’ll bite your head off. Often they are mistaken as humans, which is fine by them, but usually can be found wallowing in self-pity and disgust.”

He swallowed, rubbing his hands together and hating the feel of them, “What about loud-mouthed vampires? Do they have a group for you too?”

He grinned. “If they don’t, they ought to.”

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