Sequel to Night Feeders in the Works

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted any new writing up here. I’ve been cleaning up my final edit of Suzie’s Nightmare in preparation for shipping around to agents in a few weeks. I tell you what, no matter how many times I go through edits, they’re always a hassle. Motivation is my biggest enemy when edits are involved.

I’ve been posting in a few areas trying to get some more notice for Night Feeders lately, over on Reddit and in the Amazon forums. Hopefully something will come of it. Self-promotion is definitely not easy – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

This is a working sequel of Night Feeders, and will be continuing Colton Fen’s adventures as he works for the mysterious “agency out East”. I’m planning on this being a series of self-published stories that I may end up collecting into a book later. I’m kind of thinking of them as episodes.

Summary: An old abandoned shack just outside the bustling city of Pikes Peak is riddled with malicious spirits. Werewolf detective Colton Fen has been assigned a vampire partner this time to handle the troublesome ghosts, but even their combined strength may not be enough to dissuade the poltergeists from plucking victims from the outskirts of town.

Project: Ghosts of Pikes Peak (working title)
Current total words: 2,273

Total Words for 2012: 11,854


An hour or so later the shadows were long outside, and Colton was on his third drink. Normally he wasn’t one for drinking with a high priority mission on the table, but considering he was going to be waiting for a while, and who he was going to be stuck working with, he didn’t give a damn. Most of the celebrators had slunk out to be replaced with the much quieter saloon regulars, and Rennick was singing along with a group of girls around the piano, eying each of them up and down. Colton couldn’t decide if he thought they were attractive as a date or a meal.

2 thoughts on “Sequel to Night Feeders in the Works

    • I have considered that. When I first wrote Night Feeders, I was writing it with hopes to submit it to an anthology, but the specific genre is a bit of a harder sell which is why I went with the self-pub route. I’m not putting that kind of limitation on the sequel though, instead I’m just letting it be whatever length it wants. It may very well turn into a novel at this rate.

      Glad you liked this bit!

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