Sending out a Few Submissions

Not too much in the way of updates today, but I did send out several resubmissions to a few prospective magazines. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll be hearing back from a few of them. Let’s see, according to Duotrope I have 2 fantasy, 2 horror, 1 sci fi, and 1 reprint currently in the review process, 3 of which were submitted just today. Whew, that’s all just old stuff that I’m still shopping around. I have a couple of new pieces on the table needing some final edits and last-minute reviewing before I add them to the pool.

It’s slow business getting short stories published, but once they get picked up, you want to throw a party.

In other news, I found out that Neil Gaiman was doing some Q&A over on his Twitter feed. Here are a few that really tickled me:

No. Hell no. GOD no. @LLStories: Do you reread your own work for pleasure?


Bloody Hell. 246 new questions since the last 150. WHAT HAVE I STARTED? I hope you are all telling me to stop…


Write. @Quicksilver1953: What’s the single most effective thing a young person can do to become a writer?

Finally, here’s a bit from Mad Hatter, probably the biggest hopeless romantic there is. Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

Mad Hatter Valentines by Ask That Chap in the Hat

5 thoughts on “Sending out a Few Submissions

  1. As many times as I’ve read through my book, editing, I could almost swear to gods that I’ll never read it after it (hopefully) goes to print. But I know good and damned well that if I have MY book in MY hand, I’m reading that biotch just once. Then never again. LOL!

    • Even then I don’t know if I’d read it. I’d probably pet it as though it was my cat, and fawn over it every few minutes, but I don’t know if I could bring myself to read it again. I’ve read my Suzie’s Nightmare book (still in edits of course) at least three times now, and have to read it again to finish up edits. I love the story, but not so much having to edit again haha.

      Of course, if I ever DO get to that point, I’m totally celebrating first. 😀

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