Sending out a Few Submissions

Not too much in the way of updates today, but I did send out several resubmissions to a few prospective magazines. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll be hearing back from a few of them. Let’s see, according to Duotrope I have 2 fantasy, 2 horror, 1 sci fi, and 1 reprint currently in the review process, 3 of which were submitted just today. Whew, that’s all just old stuff that I’m still shopping around. I have a couple of new pieces on the table needing some final edits and last-minute reviewing before I add them to the pool.

It’s slow business getting short stories published, but once they get picked up, you want to throw a party.

In other news, I found out that Neil Gaiman was doing some Q&A over on his Twitter feed. Here are a few that really tickled me:

No. Hell no. GOD no. @LLStories: Do you reread your own work for pleasure?


Bloody Hell. 246 new questions since the last 150. WHAT HAVE I STARTED? I hope you are all telling me to stop…


Write. @Quicksilver1953: What’s the single most effective thing a young person can do to become a writer?

Finally, here’s a bit from Mad Hatter, probably the biggest hopeless romantic there is. Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

Mad Hatter Valentines by Ask That Chap in the Hat