Six Sentence Sunday – “We are like the striking serpent”

Happy first week of NaNoWriMo all my fellow authors out there! And although the continuation of my sequel is coming along quite nicely, I still have quite a ways to go. And on top of that I missed writing anything on Saturday, but I did have fun going shopping instead. I seriously hadn’t been shopping for fun in quite some time. Since before October I believe. But today I spoiled myself and picked up a new winter jacket for the cold weather and a fluffy white tree skirt for the Christmas tree we bought last year. I love the holidays!

Setup: Brakkis explains why humans aren’t instantly transformed by drinking werewolf blood. Poor Terry – I have a feeling I’ll be saying this quite a bit through this book!

“But doesn’t the blood… I mean, doesn’t drinking it turn them into…” Terry began, trying to figure out the correct wording for what he wanted to say.

Brakkis laughed again, this time shaking his head in amusement. “My goodness, your mind truly is muddled isn’t it, little pup? We are like the striking serpent – our venom is in our bite.” He smiled toothily, and jogged to catch up with the head of the pack once again. Terry couldn’t help but notice the severed head that jostled around at his waist as he ran.

Because nothing says “don’t mess with me” like a severed head on your belt. *snicker*

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