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Now I know there must be a term for this: human servants that are addicted to vampire blood. What are they called? I’d really not have to make up this as well since vampires aren’t exactly the focus of my book, and I know there is probably terminology that is already in use for this type of thing, but I couldn’t for the life of me find it. If any of my friendly vampire experts could pitch in on this, I’d definitely be appreciative. 🙂 Brakkis, the (vicious) head of the werewolf pack is explaining the concept of werewolf human servants, and trying to compare it to vampiric human servants. I know this is a much more common idea, so yeah. Terminology is my bane at this point! Oh and Brakkis is discussing this while he’s toting a severed head on his belt all Predator style. See why I’m reluctant to make this YA-compatible?

In other news I got my new Facebook Author site up – yay! You can check it out over here, and I’d be ever-so-grateful if you’d drop me a Like. I’ll be posting links to my blog updates, publishing updates, cover announcements, etc. Maybe a few interesting news bits and hilarious cat photos as well. You never know.

Anyway, here’s the latest update on my novel! Slow but steady goes the turtle.

** Now updated with the latest wordcounts! **

Project: The Secrets of Leekston (Working)
Deadline: End of 2011 (Preferably much sooner)
New words written: 2,502
Present total word count: 30,068
Total Word Count for 2011: 105,998

Poor Terry’s in shock, but at least he’s sensible enough not to piss off the guy wearing a body part. I like to think his survival instincts kicked in for him. I also discovered I have two separate characters with the same name – first and last. *facepalm* And on top of that I confuse two werewolves as being the mute werewolf lover of Rolph. I need to get my names straight – maybe when I finish up my word count tonight I’ll go back in and straighten out the details a little bit. Otherwise I’m going to be terribly confused come edit time.

*Edit: Now including my latest word counts for the night! Woot – day two of Nano and this novel is still alive and kicking. I’m pleased! And as an added bones, can I just say that every time I have blonde fixed to blond in Scrivener, that I think of this Fight Club scene?

6 thoughts on “Help with Horror Terminology

    • Thanks! I’m trying to use NaNo to get my word count up on this novel, so it’s coming along!

      Oh and here’s the snippet I use for the word count. Just replace the numbers for words and target and insert like you would a regular image. I got it originally from Cherie Priest who uses all the time for her fiction updates.

  1. I’ve heard of human servants of vampire masters (who may or may not be addicted to their masters in some way) referred to as thralls or familiars. Hope this helps!

    • Thanks! Both of those sound like viable options for this piece, especially thralls. That kind of sounds like the sort of state they’d be in. I’m thinking of Renfield here. 🙂

  2. Mentioning Renfield made me think of it this way: Thrall being the definition of a normal human being addicted to the blood, with Renfield being a derogatory nickname for a thrall. A Renfield is human, nothing special, gets used and is kept addicted in order to continue to be used.

    A human servant, in my head, is more deeply supernaturally bound than a thrall.

    Familiar wouldn’t work for me in this instance because I keep wanting to associate an animal with the term familiar.

    • Ooh I like the proper name being used, but also the derogatory term as well. That’s very appropriate — especially for a werewolf pack. 😉

      And yeah familiar does make me think of a pet raven or snake that serves you. Not quite the dependent human drunk on vampire blood type. It seems almost too kind of a word for them since vampires obviously don’t consider them worthy of turning into full vampires, or at least find them better suited for servitude.

      Thanks for your feedback on this – I knew you’d have a few ideas to toss in considering the subject matter! 😀

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