Hearts & Explanations

Well my first day of NaNoWriMo has begun, and I’m starting in a sprint. I’ve nearly gotten my word count in for the day already, though I’ve still got a few more words to get in today. It’s so much fun to pick up this piece again and work on it. The plot is so intricate, and I feel so bad for Suzie being caught between everything, however that’s kind of what she does at the moment.

And just to make you laugh, take a look at one of the photos I had to pull for this latest writing update. Brings back memories of my anatomy class in High School… and my Biology class as an Undergrad come to think of it! Amazing how this knowledge you never think will see the light of day again comes in so handy when crafting stories. I remember when we had to be given a copy of a diagram similar to this where some parts were labelled and others weren’t. You know this horror story is getting juicy when I have to look up diagrams of inner organs. 😉

Summary: There’s been a disturbance in Leekston. Suzie is unaware of it at first, but as the repercussions echo throughout her home life and threaten her family, she begins asking questions. What she slowly uncovers not only answers long unanswered questions, but makes her realize how deep the deception goes. Will Suzie learn the truth? Will the forces behind it all be able to stop her investigation? And how does a man with amnesia fit into all this?

Revised for final word update:

Project: The Secrets of Leekston (Working)
Deadline: End of 2011 (Preferably much sooner)
New words written: 1,856
Present total word count: 27,566
Total Word Count for 2011: 103,496

Quite a bit of explanation going on in this section, but this is a quarter of the way through the novel, so it’s a good point to setup the true baddie of the book. Pappa explains quite a bit about what he’s been up to, why, and what is currently terrifying him. Also the introduction of the EPR: what it stands for, and why it is both helping and hindering everything they plan.

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