Too Busy Having a Good Time

For some reason this story is just flying along. I don’t know if it’s because I like writing these kinds of characters or what, but I’m not complaining. I’m doing this in complete pantser style, even though I have a general idea of where it’s headed. These characters are fleshing out much more than I expected, which is certainly fine by me. By the way, I can already tell this is going to be a long piece, so I’ve upped the max word count with high hopes.

In other news I’ve signed up over at the HP Friendship ficathon for one of their prompts. The minimum requirement is low enough that I might actually be able to finish it this time (unlike the Werewolf Big Bang piece I was hoping to start earlier this year *sigh*).

Here’s the prompt I’ve been given. I think I’m going to enjoy this one. Need to spend some time brainstorming it though.

Characters: Marauders (mainly Remus Lupin and Sirius Black)
Prompt: “I could bear, though not without pain, that all my loves had died… but I’d go mad if all my friends died.” – Vinicius de Moraes (this is a free translation of an excerpt from a bigger text, so if someone does pick this prompt and they want the bigger text, I’d be happy to translate the rest!)
Likes: Marauders era, Severus Snape, HeadBoy!Remus, Halloween.

Some interesting items I ended up having to Google today for research included:
Format of 1800s style telegram – Wanted to put the full details of a telegram into the letter. I was surprised that not all of them had STOP in them at the end of every sentence, though I’m sure this is just a time period issue. I can imagine earlier telegrams needing a system like that.
Listing of Federal Agencies – Came to a point where the agency really needed a name, so I had to come up with one. This provided a good starting point for generating ideas.

Project: Ghosts of Pikes Peak (working title)
This is a working sequel of Night Feeders, and will be continuing Colton Fen’s adventures as he works for the mysterious “agency out East”.

Summary: An old abandoned shack just outside the bustling city of Pikes Peak is riddled with malicious spirits. Werewolf detective Colton Fen has been assigned a vampire partner this time to handle the troublesome ghosts, but even their combined strength may not be enough to dissuade the poltergeists from plucking victims from the outskirts of town.

Current total words: 4,961
New words written: 2,688

Total Words for 2012: 14,542


He frowned, noting the codes tagged on at the end. Two to three casualties and two missing persons, that may or may not be related to the incident. One of them, he’d neglected to see before, was a young girl. Colton cringed. Here he’d been having drinks and brawling with his new partner instead of paying attention to the details. It hadn’t even been a full day since his partnership had begun, and already he’d made a massive mistake.

“Rennick!” He roared, pocketing the letter and heading in his direction. “You better be dressed, we’re heading out!”

And no, this scene isn’t what you’re thinking. 😉

Several Updates All Rolled Into One

So I have a few updates that I’ve been meaning to share. Most are in the fanfiction area, but there’s a writing update as well. Today wasn’t the worst Monday in the world, but it was certainly a runner-up, and surprisingly work wasn’t really that much a part of it. On the drive up, it was rainy and foggy, but although the traffic was slow, there wasn’t much else to complain about. It was the drive home later this afternoon that left me exhausted by the time I got home.

I had a semi suddenly switch lanes without brakes, and nearly ran me into a line of cars that had been completely stopped in front of him. Apparenly he was too busy rubber-necking the accident that was off of the road to notice the people who were stopped in front of him. On top of that, after leaving the grocery store, a woman on the phone turns right at the light and onto the road I’m on. She pulls into my lane for a few minutes as I slam on the brakes, and just barely gets over to her lane in time to not hit me.


It’s times like this when my hour-long commute wears down on me. I guess I’m lucky enough to be able to telecommute on Fridays though, so that’s something at least!

If you’ve been following my site, you’ll notice that I’ve been posting up several stories there starting yesterday. One is my Lucius Big Bang piece, “As the Seventh Month Dies”. The other is my Zombie Bang piece, “My Life as a Dead Man, Regulus Black: Post-Mortem”. Finally, the only Batman piece that’s new to the list is a short Crane-centered piece that was part of a holiday fanfic exchange my sister and I did. Nothing major, just a short piece we gifted to each other. If you decide to drop by, please leave a comment to tell me what you think so far.

Speaking of fanfiction, I signed up for the next installment of Werewolf Big Bang. Although I’m mostly in the planning and brainstorming stage at the moment, I do think I’ll be doing a sequel-ish piece to Dr. Crane and werewolf piece that I did before, The Daemon Within. I think it’ll be like a second episode in a series, where you don’t necessarily need to read the first part to understand what’s going on, but it does indeed help. I need to make some time to get this planned a bit better. Looks like I’ll be choosing a day in the near future to catch up on a few of these writing projects in the works!

Oh, and yesterday I got some writing in on my Werewolf novel. Terry watches as the pack decides on what to do with their three captives, and he gets some insight on some of the other motivations going on within the group. I was putting off writing this piece because it’s always difficult to balance so many characters at once, though I think I did a fairly good job (for a rough draft). Next up, Katie will be coming around, and it’s sure to be a gruesome sight when she sees what Brakkis has with him.

Summary: Leekston is an unassumingly quiet southern town, but it hides many secrets. An unusual government entity that studies the strange supernatural activity in the area is only one of many. Six years after the incident at the Kayak Hills subdivision, Suzie once again must protect her family from the creatures of the night and help to prevent a bloodthirsty werewolf pack from tearing her friends and family apart.

Project: The Secrets of Leekston (Working)
Deadline: April 2012 (Updated Deadline)
New words written: 2,365
Present total word count: 58,335

Total Word Count for 2012: 6,105

Six Sentence Sunday – My Life as a Dead Man

I have no clue if this is something that is allowed by Six Sentence Sunday or not, but I decided to include a snippet of one of the Harry Potter fanfiction pieces I finished up this week. I’ve been working on it quite a bit so far, so I wanted to share a snippet! This piece is for the LJ Big Bang: Zombie Bang so it won’t be viewable until that community goes live with posts.

Setup: Regulus is at the bottom of a watery pit full of inferi, now being an inferi himself. He’s talking about how much fun it is to be dead here and what he has to look forward to.

Of course my kin and I are not really dead, not in the traditional sense at least. All of us are kind of trapped down here, like a prison block except without the ability to walk in circles or spit in the guards’ faces. We can’t even look at each other much, though occasionally someone’s body will land face-down, and then it’s “Sorry but it looks like I’ll be staring at your rotting crotch for the next decade or so.” It’s not exactly the best way to make friends.

The funny part, the big kicker out of this entire scenario, is that unlike most of these dead slobs in here I know what we are. And I probably could have gotten rid of it if I had known, and had been prepared for the numbers my house elf and I would face.

Be sure to drop by Six Sentence Sunday to see what other juicy teasers have been posted!

Two Down, One to Go

Woot! I finished my edits for both of my Big Bang fanfiction pieces! *Happy Dance*

I still have a whole novel to finish revising and editing, but to celebrate getting these two done I’ll be using a piece from My Life as a Dead Man: Regulus Black, Post-Mortem for my Six Sentence Sunday choice. I have no clue if I’ll have anybody get annoyed at me using fanfiction instead of original fiction, but oh well. Writing is writing in my book, and both of these were a blast to work on.

As the Seventh Month Dies – Done & Ready for Big Bang Posting.
My Life as a Dead Man: Regulus Black, Post-Mortem – Done & Ready for Big Bang Posting.

Suzie’s Nightmare is the next piece on my radar. Looking forward to diving in!

Pride or Failure?

Not as much today, but not a bad amount all the same. I’m all geared up and excited for Deathly Hallows Part 2 coming out this Friday, and have my midnight tickets all lined up to prove it! Snape apparently wore himself out creating their new minions, and Lucius makes a suggestion that has Severus seething in rage. Sure, he didn’t like to be reminded of that energy source, but it’s either that or a failed mission. And who wants to see Voldie angry, am I right?

Lucius also takes a time-out to reflect on how naive he thinks Severus is. Ironic, isn’t it? And he speculates at what madness drove him to beg Voldemort for Lily’s life. In Lucius’ opinion, that was the biggest mistake he could ever make.

Summary: The time is before the Prophecy, and a young Lucius Malfoy is sent to explore the disappearance of a Death Eater family. When he comes across their bodies, he calls on Severus to assist him. Together they have to figure out the mystery behind the murder, and deal with the revelation of the Prophecy – and how Lucius and Narcissa’s son might be involved.

Project: As the Seventh Month Dies
For: Lucius Big Bang
Deadline: September 1, 2011
New words written: 1,427
Present total word count: 23,942
Total Word Count for 2011: 55,985

I know my lunchtime writing tomorrow will be filled with more social pursuits, but I definitely plan to get some writing done in the evening. Just need to buckle down and get my word count out. I think once I get these two up off the graveyard floor (so to speak) it’ll get easier. They’re just having a damn good time feeling sorry for themselves at the moment.