Fights & Revelations Plus Prepping for a LAN Party

Despite all the numerous distractions I suffered with today, I was able to finally get my word count in – and then some! Here’s hoping I can complete this by the 31st with the LAN party tomorrow and all my typical social fun I like to have on the weekend. I just have a few hundred more to get in before the end of July’s Camp NaNo – I hope I’m up for the challenge!

Suzie gets into an argument, and then gets the biggest shock of her life. Well one of the biggest shocks. She’s young yet, after all. 😉

Summary: There’s been a disturbance in Leekston. Suzie is unaware of it at first, but as the repercussions echo throughout her home life and threaten her family, she begins asking questions. What she slowly uncovers not only answers long unanswered questions, but makes her realize how deep the deception goes. Will Suzie learn the truth? Will the forces behind it all be able to stop her investigation? And how does a man with amnesia fit into all this?

Project: The Secrets of Leekston (Working)
Deadline: End of 2011 (Preferably much sooner)
New words written: 2,141
Present total word count: 23,424
Total Word Count for 2011: 85,075

Tonight it’s off to the gym, and any last minute stuff I need to do in preparation for the LAN party tomorrow. Looking forward to a long day of TF2 and L4D2 with a copious amount of other games thrown in as well. We don’t have these very often (which I guess is a good thing since my arms would get *really* tired lugging this massive desktop around too often), but when we do it’s always an epic event. The grocery list I need to do for tomorrow (cause every good LAN party attendee knows to bring food to feed the ravenous gamers) includes: chips, drinks (as needed), spare power cables/power strips, and… I think that’s everything. If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, you can guess it’s cause I’m getting my butt handed to me in a First Person Shooter game. 😉

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