Writing, Submissions, and Treadmill Desks

Life’s been a bit strange the last week or so, and suffice it to say that I’m going to get diagnostic tests done in the next couple of weeks. Don’t know if I’ll be giving any details out, but if you see me having big gaps in my blogosphere, that’s why. Duotrope has a couple of neat looking submissions they added this past week too, and this one in particular looks fascinating.

Trust & Treachery: Tales of Power, Intrigue, and Violence While politics isn’t usually my thing in a story, I may just pull something out for this. Some of the options they give include both science fiction and horror – and I’ll admit my imagination is intrigued.

Another interesting find was a relatively cheap way to make a treadmill desk. I got inspired by this link to go hunt for more information, and found this:
Treadmill Desk: Design and Build Your Own Treadmill Desk

Wow if I had one of these when I worked from home on Fridays, not to mention when I’m writing, I’m sure I’d be a lot more fit than I am now. The design looks fairly simple, and I like the way you can make it so that you can still read the number info on the treadmill as well. Though it might be a bit of a challenge, I think I could do it. My “handiness” skills aren’t exactly professional, but I bet I could figure it out. And if you end up dumping your treadmill and getting a new one? Just make a new treadmill desk. Not too bad.

My writing today isn’t on my series sequel like you might expect, but instead I’m finally getting groundwork done on my Lucius Big Bang entry. So glad to get the ball rolling on this! It’s a rocky start to be sure, but definitely a worthwhile start!

Project: A Not-So-Simple Request (tentative)
Deadline: September 1, 2011
New words written: 908
Present total word count: 908
Total Word Count for 2011: 30,688

I know, it’s a much smaller goal than my second novel, but there really is no cap on the word limit, and this could be a long tale to tell! I’ll need to knock it out in the next month or two so my Beta reader will have plenty of time to look over if. The final draft is due the first of October after all, and she’ll be much busier then than she is now. Like all writing projects, I suppose: the sooner I get this done, the better!

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