News for Rapunzel’s Daughters

So first I suppose I owe you an apology. Here I was earlier this week saying I would post images, and almost a full week later I finally get around to posting it. Well that’s not entirely true, I wanted to clarify the details with Rose at Pink Narcissus Press before I went around dropping excited posts and pictures everywhere.

So here’s the awesome news I promised. Pink Narcissus Press recently posted on their Facebook page the image for my story in the anthology: “The Sky is Falling”.

Take a look at this *incredible* piece below.

(c)Duncan Eagleson

[ © Duncan Eagleson @ ]

I just love the Steampunk look and feel. Not to mention the attention to detail on the Calcinator as well as the hexagonal background! (Don’t want to give away too much of the plot, but as soon as I saw that was included I pretty much squeed.) I also love the fact that the mechanical equipment of the Calcinator itself reminds me of the electroshock therapy machine used in the Return to Oz film.


[ Pulled from Return to Oz — 1985, which also has a pretty amusing summary/review of the movie as well. If you need a refresher on the film, or just don’t feel like sitting down to watch it, you should check this out. ]

Mr. Loxy’s expression is particularly quizzical, and also kind of familiar too. Like I’ve seen a face and eyes similar to that before. When I found out who the exceptionally talented artist was behind this, my jaw literally dropped. Having someone as talented as Duncan Eagleson create artwork on behalf of a story you wrote is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and I didn’t even realize that would be the case until months after it had it accepted.

Just goes to show that you never know what to expect when you send your story off to be published. You might have one of the freaking artists of Sandman show up to do artwork based on it.

The book is due out in July of this year, and my story isn’t the only one getting incredible artwork. In fact, every story in the piece has an artist working on a unique piece. They’ve posted a few of the images up on their Facebook page, but if you want to see more of the artists’ work, check out Pink Narcissus Press’ Artists page.

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