New Short Story in the Works

Started working on a new short story today. Got inspired for it on the drive home yesterday. Which is really weird because it’s a fairy tale story. Not quite sure how bad traffic relates to that, but I’m not complaining about sporadic inspiration!

So here are the details:

Project: Beautiful Catharine (working title)
Deadline: End of April 2011 — Arbitrary
Writing for: Cabinet des Fées
New words written: 906
Present total word count: 906
Things Accomplished in Fiction: Enjoying the fairy tale style of this piece so far. I’m trying very hard to go for that simplistic voice and endearing attitude that you always see in fairy tale stories. Describing the protagonist from a 3rd person omniscient perspective cause you can also crawl inside her head. It’s pretty darn fun! Catharine’s world is slowly opening up to me, and I’m curious to see where it takes me.

Oh and don’t let the working title fool you. If you’ve seen some of my stories on mocking Mary Sues and such, you’ll know this is nothing of the sort. This is going to have a twist to it, that hopefully the reader won’t expect until it gets to the end. Then they’ll be like: “Oh my gosh! That’s what it was??”

At least, that’s the goal.

Total Word Count for 2011: 20,799

Glad to have found time to flesh this out a bit over lunch today!

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