Feature in De Mode of Literature Magazine

I’m thrilled to share that I’ve been featured in De Mode Magazine of Literature’s “11 books to add to your reading list this winter” feature in their Oct/Nov/Dec issue!

I was so honored to have them reach out to me a while back and they’ve been wonderful to work with. I’m so glad that The Impostor collection caught their eye and made them want to include it. They gave me a very in-depth interview and it was definitely a awesome, new experience working with a magazine.

You can download a copy for free at the following site, and print copies can be picked up for $50/each.


3 thoughts on “Feature in De Mode of Literature Magazine

  1. On Instagram, someone using this logo and name wanted me to give them money to be featured in your magazine. I wrote children’s books and you have a fashion magazine. I think this might be a scam. PleSe verify.

    Kathy Priest Smith
    Author of Millie’s Great Dane Adventures

    • Hi Kathy! I was reached out to on Instagram by De Mode Magazine for this opportunity. However their feature was in De Mode Literature, a magazine-focused spinoff of De Mode magazine. They emailed me the information with all the details for the feature.

      If you would like to chat more and compare notes to make sure you’re not dealing with a spoof account, please feel free to email me at:

      Thanks for stopping by!

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