Check Out the New Panel!

This weekend I got the chance to join some incredible authors in a panel for Next Chapter Con! We talked about the difficulties of balancing a day job with writing, how we got starting with writing and publishing, and what we have coming next.

I was so honored to be able to chat with these folks. They had such incredible insight and experience. It really made me miss being able to go to conventions again!

Watch the full panel below, featuring Dan Jolley, Bobby Nash, and Armand Rosamilia, moderated by Kenyon T. Henry. There’s also a special guest appearance by my kitty, Zoey, cause of course she wanted to be the center of attention haha!

4 thoughts on “Check Out the New Panel!

  1. Hey, what a good chat! And I’ve only started watching. Day jobs and writing. That can be so difficult. Some days, I would come home brain dead after dealing with high school students while substitute teaching. You are a strong person, Marlena. More power to you!

    • You are so sweet, thank you! And I’m glad you’re enjoying the panel so far!

      The day job is always a drain, and I have so much respect for you dealing with high school students too. Some jobs take more out of you than others, and I can definitely see that with substitute teaching! ❤️

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