Such a Busy January

Whew, it has been a busy week! Between Stolen’s release day back on January 22nd to helping my sister with her art festival all weekend, I’m mentally pretty tired. I finally got to do one thing that I’ve wanted to do for a while since I’ve been working on promotions and prep work for the last few weeks. I finally got to write on Broken some more.

Now granted, it’s not a lot, nowhere near to where I need to be, but it’s also a really intense place so I’m fine with it. I’ve been talking about Stolen and about the characters in it so much that it was fun to dive into what I think of as their current timeline again and pick up where I left off. Dang, it’s so cool to see the changes!

Here we go, my latest updates on Broken, the sequel to Stolen, which I can now say is an Amazon Bestselling novel!

Project: Broken

A land has fallen. An escape was made. It’s a victory of sorts, but at what price?

Shaleigh has made a terrible mistake, one she may not ever be able to fix. Lost and in a strange land with anger and death all around her, she must navigate her way through treacherous lands on her quest for redemption. Along the way she’ll have to negotiate with the mercurial Queen of the Fae, survive the dangers of the Masked King’s realm, and seek out a terrifying fire dragon.

With two powerful beings hot on her trail, Shaleigh has no choice but to keep moving, or else face the dangerous magic of the Madness that has already caused so much pain and heartache. With her sights on helping her friends and her heart longing for home, Shaleigh is determined, but will it be enough?

BROKEN is Book 2 of the Stolen series

Words Written:
1/28 – 787

Current Word Count: 48,085

Some very tense political negotiations at a time when things could easy go very bad very quickly.

Next Up:
Making some progress politically, but not much, and the storm is coming on fast. Shaleigh really doesn’t have time for these people.

Considering how long it’s been since I’ve worked on Broken and posted about it here, I’m really pleased with the progress it’s made! I still have a lot left to do but I’m excited to see how this story will go. I know I still have quite a bit to have to go back and clean up later, but for now I’m very happy with it.

Originally I wanted to try to get my rough draft of Broken done by the end of January. Clearly I didn’t anticipate the amount of work I had ahead of me at the time that had nothing to do with Broken. But I’m still moving forward and I’m happy about that. Nothing has stagnated.

Considering tomorrow has been declared a snow day though, I foresee me getting a lot of cleaning and writing in tomorrow! Hopefully I have a much more impressive wordcount on this book by then.

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