Nothing Can Fix This

Sometimes people let you down. Sometimes they disappoint you in the worst way possible. This is kind of part of life, but at the same time it’s something that can have enormous consequences. Dahlia is having to come to terms with what someone did, and she’s not handling it very well. She wrongly assumes that everyone can stand up to her standards. She also assumes everyone prepares as well as she does, and that everyone understands the consequences too. They don’t.

Project: The Seeking

Each Seeking, the magic that protects the city of Carra must be renewed, which means the children of the High Family must go into hiding. Whether it be through disguise or bribe, through trusted friends or perfect hiding places, every child of the Priest family must avoid capture for the full day.

When things go wrong with the renewal, it’s up to seventeen-year-old Dahlia, the middle child of the Priest family, and her girlfriend, Bisa, to escape Carra and find the magical beings responsible for the protection. They must learn who would require such a cruel game to be played every year and if the protection of the Gray People is really worth such a deadly cost. What they will discover is far worse.

THE SEEKING is a YA dark fantasy novel

Current Word Count: 36,607

A nasty fight, many tears are shed, and then a very dangerous distraction.

Next Up:
Perhaps the place isn’t as safe as they thought.

Some mistakes you can’t make up or undo. Some mistakes take more than just an apology to make right. Sometimes somebody screws up so bad that everybody has to deal with the fallout, and it’s never a pretty sight. It’s downright terrifying. That’s pretty much where Dahlia is now, dealing with the fallout. Sure, you can be angry and scream and yell, but that doesn’t fix it. That doesn’t solve it. You’ve got to sit down and figure out a plan, even if you want to strangle the person you have to work with. When it gets bad enough, even enemies have to become friends to survive.

Man, it’s tough getting up at 5AM every morning to knock out some writing, but it’s so rewarding! I’m happy to see the progress this book is making, and I’m regularly hitting the 1k-1.5k marks each day. Keep going, little book, don’t let me down! <3

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