Exploring a Flawed Family

Putting together the family that makes up Dahlia’s life is a complicated process. You really can’t help but put pieces of yourself into each character, and as you consider the overall family dynamic, you start to understand where each of them fall into place. Knowing that they had to choose to be in this position is also telling of the parents’ personalities. It’s also taken a toll on their children of course. I didn’t want them to be the typical cookie-cutter families that I usually see. I wanted them to have depth, to have made mistakes, to not be perfect, but always striving to do good. Which is of course what has led them to this point, whether good or bad.

Project: The Seeking

Each Seeking, the magic that protects the town of Carra must be renewed, which means the children of the High Family must go into hiding. Whether it be through disguise or bribe, through trusted friends or perfect hiding places, every child of the Priest family must avoid capture for the full day.

When things go wrong with the renewal, it’s up to seventeen-year-old Dahlia, the middle child of the Priest family, and her girlfriend, Bisa, to escape Carra and find the magical beings responsible for the protection. They must learn who would require such a cruel game to be played every year and if the protection of the Gray People is really worth such a deadly cost. What they will discover is far worse.

THE SEEKING is a YA dark fantasy novel

Current Word Count: 8,053

New Words Written:
10/10 – 1,147

A serious talk with Mother that has probably been years in coming, and the realization that things were not always like this. Already Dahlia is learning so much and she has a lot left to discover and learn before this novel is done.

Next Up:
Talks with Dad, a family tradition, and an explanation of the family’s history. Then preparing for the Seeking to begin.

I wrote part of this by hand, but ran into a snag when I couldn’t recall the names of the family members Dahlia was going to be interacting with. I can’t just use placeholders. I’ve tried before, and the placeholder I chose ended up coloring the name I felt was appropriate for the character, so I try to steer away from them now. I did draw out a family tree, but it was on paper and wasn’t handy. #writerproblems

It’s been difficult trying to find time to write this month. I’ve been belatedly participating in Inktober (see my posts on Instagram) because it doesn’t take as much intensive focus like writing does, but it sure did feel good to dig into this story again. Between cleaning up the house for our upcoming Halloween party, meeting up with friends to visit Haunted Houses, and helping family members move, I don’t think it’s going to get easier either! I want to get our Halloween decorations up outside but it’s been raining hard down here in Georgia and the humidity takes your breath away. Still hoping to carve out some time again this week though!

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