Writing During Irma

Tropical storm Irma came through Georgia pretty hard today, and since I live south of Atlanta, we took the brunt of it this morning. That said, people are still reporting tons of trees down, power outages, and one tractor trailer that got lifted up from a wind gust in Atlanta today. Once the storm died down some, I sat down with some tea, a kitty or two, and my laptop and dove into a new YA horror novel I’m working on.

Project: The Seeking

Each Seeking, the magic that protects the city of Carra must be renewed, which means the children of the High Family must go into hiding. Whether it be through disguise or bribe, through trusted friends or perfect hiding places, every child of the Priest family must avoid capture for the full day.

When things go wrong with the renewal, it’s up to seventeen-year-old Dahlia, the middle child of the Priest family, and her girlfriend, Bisa, to escape Carra and find the magical beings responsible for the protection. They must learn who would require such a cruel game to be played every year and if the protection of the Gray People is really worth such a deadly cost. What they will discover is far worse.

THE SEEKING is a YA dark fantasy novel

Current Word Count: 3,302

New Words Written: 769

Finished up a vicious intimidation tactic, fleshed out some history, and had to deal with pig blood. On the side I’m working on finishing character profiles, setting profiles, and working out the full backstory for the world. The setting is falling into place and I’m enjoying how this is going so far!

Next Up:
Reuniting with a loved one followed by creepy dreams.

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these writing progress posts, mostly because the writing progress image generator went down for weeks and I got out of the habit of it. However I noticed these posts really motivated me to continue and let people know what kind of stories were in the pipeline. I’m planning to post these far more often


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