NaNo: Day 3

So the NaNoWriMo website isn’t letting me update my word count, but that’s okay. I’m still dragging from Daylight Savings Time. I know it’s only now 9:00 but dang, I feel like it’s closer to 10 PM. When you get up somewhere between 4 and 5 each morning, that extra hour goes a long way.

Anyway here’s the progress so far. I’ll try again in a few minutes to get the NaNo word count updated, but I did hit my 5k goal for the day.

Now this sleepy writer is off to bed. Is it really only Monday?

Here’s the progress on my YA other-world fantasy novel about urban explorer Shaleigh Mallett who is whisked away to the Land of the Fae. Along the way she encounters living statues, friendly minotaurs, and a backstabbing ruler. When she gets tangled up in a love story that can’t possibly end well, Shaleigh finds herself forced to make a difficult choice that could change the future of this new land, and prevent her from ever getting home.

Project: Madam Cloom’s Garden
Current Word Count: 56,822
New Words Written: 2,079
NaNo Word Count: 5,864

Progress: Learned that people do some disturbing things in order to keep their position of power. Also learned that you can’t judge someone’s intent by their actions.

Next up: A sad story over lunch, a quick tour through the Marketplace, and running into an old friend.

Commentary: Yeah, that 56k isn’t all storyline though. Some of those bits and pieces are scene descriptions, background scenes (ie. stuff that won’t be making it into the final cut), and explanatory stuff to keep the plot on straight. I’m sorry to say that I have no idea what the real length of this piece is yet until I compile it and omit all those extra pieces. Still though, I’m pretty damn proud of this so far. This a complete rewrite of the first draft I fast drafted last year, after a very thorough outline that I finished earlier this year.

Tl;dr – Writing is tough, ya’ll!

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