Drabble: Fire Burning

Prompt: Fire Burning

Good Girl


A fire burns behind her eyes,

a fire of heat and scorn.

She looks at me with those pale blue eyes

all hope has been forlorn.


She has no mother or father

and her siblings are all dead.

She has no home, no country,

and no path with which to tread.


Hatred burrows deep inside her

and tears out all regret.

Any love she might have felt

is gone without a fret.


She is the bitter vengeance,

a punishment they say.

An inevitable death

on whom pleas will not sway.


When she decides to take up arms

one day when she is older,

few can possibly deny

how righteous is her fervor.


She is a product of her time,

a creation not intended,

but with such fire burning,

how can we ever mend it?


A gentle hand, a warm heart,

these things can take some time.

But without patience she’ll run

headlong to some crime


Against her own people

or strangers, she will fight

because fire burns the brightest

when good kindling sets alight.


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