Black-Feathered Wings

It’s been a little while, so time for an update!

Title: The Scorn of a Sorceress
Deadline: June 1st – gives a month for edits/review
Deadline for Contest: June 30th
New words written:
5/11 – 1,256 (Good!)
5/15 – 560 (Meh…)
5/17 – 973 (Better!)
5/18 – 1,244 (Good!)
Present total word count: 5,749



Thing accomplished in fiction: Attacks from the land and from the air, difficult confessions, and a bit of strategy.

Next up: To sneak or not to sneak? That is the question. Also moats, gators, and of course more birds.

Commentary: This piece is coming along quite well, and it should be under the word count requirement as well which makes me happy. I should have it finished by the deadline and then I’ll start with edits.

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