Finally started Camp NaNo

I finally started on a new project today! Well it’s not brand spanking new, it’s really a re-write of a novel I wrote last April, but it feels fresh.

Project: Madam Cloom’s Garden
Current Word Count: 2,568
New Words Written: 2,568

Progress: Shaleigh gets talked into rejoining a party by her (sort of) uncle, then overhears her father as the target of some cruel gossip. The cruelty of it is that it’s actually quite close to the truth. Shaleigh doesn’t contain her anger very well.

Commentary: Took me a while to get this written today, and I still have a goal of 20k words on this story to reach by the end of this month! It feels a little clunky at times, but the characters have many more layers now than they used to. Thank goodness I fixed up an outline a few months back!

Random research of the day:

  • Academic Ranks in the United States – I needed a quick refresher on how these organizations worked in US universities to make sure I had the titles I needed to for a few characters. Shaleigh’s father is a professor who specializes in Ancient European Cultural Studies and I needed to fill in his coworkers.

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