Coming Soon to a Blog Near You: Drabbles

The last few weeks my writing output has become rather slim even though I’ve been churning out a lot of edits. Even though I have a project that I’ll soon start working on for this month’s Camp NaNo, I really wanted small little writing inspirations to keep my skills up despite a full-time job and so many other big projects on the table.

So I’ve been participating in places like r/WritingPrompts and Typetrigger. They’ve been a great way to keep my motivation high and let me get some creative output without taking a whole day to put it down on paper. Since I have very little actual writing posted here on my blog, I thought I’d fix that. Every Wednesday I’ll have a new piece of writing posted. This really isn’t any different to me since they can be found online already, but you have to jump through several hoops to find them and follow them.

They’ll be short since Typetrigger has a cap of 300 words per post, but sometimes that results in juicier imagery. If you haven’t already, go follow my blog (see the sidebar) so that you can get alerted for every post. If you want to share any of it, please link back here to my blog. After the first post goes live, I’ll put up a menu link under Story Snippets to help folks find them easier.

Hope you’re enjoying the weekend as much as I am so far!

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