Happy Camp NaNo Day!

Happy April Fool’s Day! Or what I prefer to say, Happy Camp NaNo Day!

I find it terribly ironic that you set out to start on writing a novel in a month on the biggest practical joke day of the year. Starting at midnight in your respective timezone, the gun was fired, the race began, and words were written. At least, in most places. I’m afraid I’m not quite ready to start myself. I’m over here still juggling with my last read-through of Ghosts of Pikes Peak. (Which still needs a different city name and a different title. Oy.) I’m three chapters in so far out of eight, so given another week I should be ready to start in with my NaNo goal of 20k.

Tonight I’ll be attending a special treat. One of the benefits of working at a tech university is that you get surprisingly cheap tickets to attend talks for awesome people. I get to go listen to Neil deGrasse Tyson speak to a packed theater. The talk isn’t listed on his official list of appearances, so I’m not sure how last-minute this was decided. I’m really looking forward to this and to hear what he has to say since this also includes a lecture. If I can, I’ll try to do a Live Tweet of the event, so be sure to follow me on Twitter for updates. We were lucky enough to get two seats for the room where he’ll be talking, but they also opened up a second location for folks to watch a live streaming of the event. As you can guess, both of these sold out almost instantly, especially since the ticket cost is so low.

So much to do and April has just begun!

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