Curs and Semicolons

Outline for Cloom’s Garden? Check.

  • I actually finished this on Saturday while waiting to get my car fixed. Three hours since I had to get new brakes put on. /sigh At least it was a productive three hours!

Start reviewing my final draft for Ghosts of Pikes Peak? Double check.

  • This draft is actually cleaner than I thought it would be. The opening especially I was nervous about, but after a little bit of cleanup it looks just fine. I’ll admit, I’m not used to going back to my work and actually approving of what I find. In fact I’m a little paranoid now that I missed something…

I had to give myself a few days off before I jumped into Ghosts. The writing styles are very different, and I wanted to approach my supernatural adventure tale with fresh eyes. I really do get a feel for how much bigger the world is in Cloom though. Looking at this piece now, it’s easy to see why I didn’t need an outline to get it finished.

By the way, I love the snapshot feature on Scrivener, which helps me keep the multiple draft versions straight. It only works on a per document level, so I have to remember to do it per scene, but it really does help if I ever need to roll anything back (or check out what I did on an old version!)

Some funny things I had to look up:

  • Semicolon rules. I was pretty sure I had this right, but dang it, I always second guess myself. Turns out I was right. If I hadn’t checked though, I would have remembered it wrong, right?
  • The definition of Cur. I always want to say it is spelled with two R’s. It just looks weird with one!

Side Funny: Apparently it’s normal to call your new puppy a cur on a regular basis.

Not sure if I’ll have this done in time for Camp NaNo, but it’ll hopefully be close. Then I can devote some much-needed writing time to Cloom’s Garden. Woot!

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