Didn’t Think I’d Make It

I totally won Camp NaNo! *tosses confetti*

That’s even with this annoying stomach bug that tried to waylay me when I still had 5k left to write. So pleased I got so much written here at the end! I honestly didn’t think I’d make the April Camp NaNo this year because of an annoying sickness, and with so few words left to go.

The story of course is still not complete, but it’s far closer than it was. This book is probably going to be the first in a series, but I just have to figure out where the cut-off points need to be. I’m thinking somewhere between 60-80k is a good length for a YA fantasy book, but we’ll see how this goes.

Project: Madam Cloom’s Garden

Summary: Shaleigh’s world is so complicated, that it’s no wonder she’s known for being rebellious and argumentative at school. With her father constantly crying over what he’s lost, and a friend going through major life changes, Shaleigh finds herself feeling more and more out of touch with the people around her. She feels isolated, ignored, and angry.

Then she and her father get into a car accident, and her entire world changes. When she’s greeted by a talking stone animal, she realizes that she’s either dead, crazy, or in another world. But the beautiful land Shaleigh has landed in has its dark secrets, and she’s not as welcome there as she believes.

Current Word Count: 50,280

New Words Written: 11,701

Progress: Teagan and Shaleigh are back in the real world for better or worse, and are having to deal with normal problems. Well, I guess getting attacked by a street gang isn’t exactly a normal problem, but still, there isn’t any magic involved at least!

Total Words for 2013: 53,457


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