Minotaurs and Enemies

My goodness but I’ve gotten a lot of writing in today! I was several days behind on Camp NaNo and was trying to catch up. I don’t think I’ve *ever* written so much in one day, and I can’t tell if I’m just getting better at pacing myself or if I’m enjoying this world so much.

The reason I’m so behind? That’s mostly work-related stuff. For various reasons I had to update my resume and put together a portfolio, and as always, work stuff is a higher priority than writing. Friday and Saturday I spent almost the entire day hanging out with family and friends, which was nice since the weather was so lovely. Our two little tree sprouts are actually starting to get leaves too, which makes me happy. I was worried they weren’t going to survive the multiple frosts we had since we first planted them back in February.

Project: Madam Cloom’s Garden

Summary: Shaleigh’s world is so complicated, that it’s no wonder she’s known for being rebellious and argumentative at school. With her father constantly crying over what he’s lost, and a friend going through major life changes, Shaleigh finds herself feeling more and more out of touch with the people around her. She feels isolated, ignored, and angry.

Then she and her father get into a car accident, and her entire world changes. When she’s greeted by a talking stone animal, she realizes that she’s either dead, crazy, or in another world. But the beautiful land Shaleigh has landed in has its dark secrets, and she’s not as welcome there as she believes.

Current Word Count: 24,393

New Words Written Today: 8,719 (6,388 of this was written today alone! *Flexes the fingers*)

Progress: Shaleigh reaches the castle and meets her fellow protagonist for this piece. She also runs into Madam Cloom herself and let me tell you, that was one tense scene. I had to get away from the keyboard after writing that section just to get a breath of air! After a bit of back-history on why she’s here to begin with, Shaleigh is off to a party! (sort of…) Did I mention that she has a minotaur leading the way?

Total Words for 2013: 27,570

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