Plotting for Camp

I felt all old-school yesterday pulling out a pencil and notecards to start jotting down plot points for my Camp NaNo novel. Normally I use Scrivener for all of my plotting and planning. Instead I pulled up my Scrivener project and worked on character templates while I started writing out cards. Sometimes having a pencil and paper really helps you get your ideas down.

I’ve always considered myself more of a pantser and I would have merely a smidgeon’s idea of a plot at this point in the game. I thought that was what I had yesterday, until I started writing out notecards. I must have ended up with at least ten or more plot pieces, and the storyline wasn’t even completed. All of that stuff I had figured out in my head, but writing it down gave it permanence. I was worried I wouldn’t have anything to start with come Monday, but it looks like I’m more than ready for next month.

Once again I love the character templates they provide in Scrivener. They’re pretty simple, but really helped me pin down a few of these characters. I have a bit more planning ahead of me before I’ll feel fully comfortable diving in come Monday, but overall I think this is the most prepared I’ve been before writing a novel.

I guess we’ll see how well that works out! I’ll be posting my regular updates on here as I make progress throughout the month, so expect many more posts on the way.

Leaving with a bit of inspiration for my fellow Campers out there.



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