In the mood for camping

I must be crazy, right?

I mean, someone with two books in the writing stage shouldn’t plan to start an entirely new book. These things simply aren’t done.


Go ahead and call me crazy, I guess. I did give myself an ultimatum though. I must have my first book, Suzie’s Nightmare, completely edited and ready to start shipping out to agents before I’ll allow myself to start planning for this piece. This next book will definitely require planning too. Possibly a better choice in titles as well.

Heck, Suzie’s Nightmare is in need of a new title in my opinion.

Good title or not, it needs to be ready to ship out soon. I’m done having that piece picking up dust. It needs to move on to the next stage. Then maybe I’ll feel like I can give the proper time to it’s sequel and to the Colton Fen series.

So many stories, so little time.

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