A Witch’s Workshop

Got some writing in today! My first writing for the year and it took me over an hour to churn out. Not exactly my best pace, but I haven’t touched this piece in a few weeks. Oh the holidays, totally throwing off my writing groove.

In other news, the Christmas Tree is finally down. We learned the woes of untangling lights from a pre-lit tree though since one of the strands went out. I think next year we’re going to just put the lights on ourselves. Way less trouble that way. Part of the entire strand went out and as we looked through, we counted at least 10 bulbs that were all blown on the strand. Looked like some kind of power surge. Either way, taking that strand off the tree was more difficult that you would expect. I kind of wish I’d taken a picture of all the annoying plastic pieces that were holding wires onto the tree branches, but I was just happy to be finished. I’m pretty sure my hands and fingers are going to be sore for the next couple of days. Thanks a ton, tree!

The bad part is that we still have the middle and bottom sections of the tree that we need to remove lights from at some point. I guess they’ll just have to wait until next year when I feel like dealing with that mess again. If only they had sold trees that weren’t pre-lit when we were picking up ours a couple of years back. *sigh*

Anyway, here’s an update on the writing for today. Not too much, but better than nothing.

Project: Smoke & Witchcraft

Summary: My trio of protagonists (a werewolf, a half-vampire, and a sharpshooter) head to New Orleans to investigate a series of unexplained abductions. So far this pulpy paranormal will have plenty of banter, a slew of fistfights, undercover operations that fail miserably, battles of magic, a necromancer seductress, a coven of witches with a bad rap, and a ton of zombie alligators. Also I plan to toss the damsel in distress idea on its head since both guys will likely need saving. Oh, and did I mention awkward romance?

Current Word Count: 56,178

New Words Written Today: 1,060

Progress: What exactly does a witch keep in her workshop? Mary and Colton are about to find out. Colton also wonders how the Agency is going to take the fact that Mary is traveling with him, and how long he can keep it a secret.

Total Words for 2013: 1,060

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