What does blue mean exactly?

After dealing with a short hiatus after NaNo, I finally got back to writing today. I had tried a couple of times over the last few days, but I think my brain just needed a break from the material. I’m not quite back up to the 2k/day speed I had before, but I’m still pretty pleased with today’s writing. The plot has split into two directions, so it takes me a bit to figure out where it will be going next. I always tend to slow down as I try to wrangle the characters together for the final scenes, but it’s getting there. I know in my head what direction it needs to take, it’s just getting the cast to do what I ask. 😉

In one scene today I had Rennick change into his baby blue suit that he loves (he wears it quite a bit in Book 1), and I thought of this.


Sure Rennick is rather depressed, and he’s been dealing with some heavy revelations from some other characters, but that is his favorite suit and he doesn’t always wear it when he’s depressed. He’s about to go traveling, and he wants to look nice and give himself a bit of a confidence boost. I did mention he’s a little arrogant, didn’t I? He’s kind of into unusual fashions for the time. I guess when you’re a half-vampire you can get away with that a bit more.

Here are the latest word metrics!

Project: Smoke & Witchcraft

Progress Bar:
52113 / 80000

Summary: My trio of protagonists (a werewolf, a half-vampire, and a sharpshooter) head to New Orleans to investigate a series of unexplained abductions. So far this pulpy paranormal will have plenty of banter, a slew of fistfights, undercover operations that fail miserably, battles of magic, a necromancer seductress, a coven of witches with a bad rap, and a ton of zombie alligators. Also I plan to toss the damsel in distress idea on its head since both guys will likely need saving. Oh, and did I mention awkward romance?

Current Word Count: 52,113

New Words Written Today: 8,460 (Last Post), 1,565 (Today)

Progress: Seems like the whole world has decided to gang up against Rennick, or least it feels that way to him. He’s not exactly the kind of guy to deal with it well, so he throws up his hands and gives up essentially. Though it doesn’t seem like that will be the end of it.

Total Words for 2012: 165,126

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